something interesting…

Here are some interesting articles from around the web on mental health issues and things that I am discovering…

Beautiful words by Elizabeth Gilbert

Sand Tray Therapy

Article on Sibling bullying and bullying seriously affecting mental health

IPlayer – 30 minute talk about Shame

Article describing the feelings and experience of one woman’s depression (there is a little swearing)

BBC Article, depression in the workplace

Article – SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder)

Suicide – an adults account of losing her father

How to stop bullying

Stress and the body

July’s Happiful Magazine

Some on line mental health resources

Happiful Magazine

The second ‘Happiful’ Magazine, click here article contents include: Male Anorexia, Telephone Anxiety, 7 steps to achieving every day happiness and much more… – schools needing to do more! – this is an amazon address which takes you to a free 30 day trial on an audio book of your choice. the books available include ‘the chimp paradox’ and ‘how to rewire your anxious brain’. what a great way to get information from a book without having to sit and read…

I am currently making my way through a book which I can highly recommend already – its called ‘The Dance of Anger’ (a woman’s guide) by Harriet Lerner. This was recommended to me for use with my work (and of course the self as always). She is an American writer and I’m gathering feedback from others who are reading it and will post on here some thoughts as I go along so watch this space….

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