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I thought it would be helpful to have this page for anyone who likes self help and reading: – to manage disturbing dreams or nightmares

Happiful Magazine – October

Happiful Magazine – August 

Happiful Magazine – June

A guide for Couples 

For parents struggling with relationships with their children, I sometimes recommend books by Oliver James. This also comes highly recommended: Click here

The getselfhelp website has CBT resources for anxiety, depression, self esteem etc…

The Dance of Connection with the same author, is an excellent read.

The Dance of Fear by Harriet Learner and focusses on why we don’t make changes. Essentially we avoid through the fear of rejection and / or abandonment. This book is about facing our fears and moving forwards with our lives, challenging and changing unhealthy patterns of behaving and responding to others. In my opinion, it is written in a way that is easy to read.

The Dance Of Anger is fascinating and eye opening. Harriet is very clear in her ideas and guidance. The examples are really interesting and helpful. I  found the book easy to read – although I understand that not all feel this way! Harriet speaks of the difficulties in change and changing relationships and how therapy can support the anxiety that comes with change and the clarity and self esteem needed for it. Overall – a great read.