Useful Resources

I thought it would be helpful to have this page for anyone who likes self help, reading, needing sheets to print out, books to read etc.

Happiful Magazine – June

A guide for Couples 

For parents struggling with relationships with their children, I always recommend anything by Oliver James. This also comes highly recommended: Click here

The getselfhelp website has great resources for anxiety, depression, self esteem…

The Dance of Fear is another book by Harriet Learner and focusses on why we don’t make changes. Essentially we avoid through the fear of rejection and / or abandonment. This book is about facing our fears and moving forwards with our lives. Again, in my opinion, it is written in a way that is easy to read.

The Dance Of Anger (as mentioned in my Useful links section). I have added an amazon link to the book below. I personally found this book fascinating and eye opening. Harriet is very clear in her ideas and advice. The examples are really interesting and helpful. I personally found the book really easy to read – although not all feel this way! In some ways, I found this slightly idealistic – although Harriet constantly mentions the difficulties in change and changing relationships. I had to keep this in mind as I was reading. Towards the end she talks about the people in the examples being in long-term Psychotherapy and I can see how this would need to be necessary to make the changes and manage the anxiety that comes from such changes. She also mentions discussing the book in groups of women who have also read it. I think this would be necessary and useful as I have found myself discussing it with other friends and family who have read it, as well as clients. Overall – a great read.